The Products

        Product                                                 Size           

  • Gentle Milk Body Wash                      250ml
  • Milk Essence Body Oil                        50ml
  • Double Cream Body Lotion               250ml
  • Milky Facial Cleanser                         100ml
  • Milk Scrub Exfoliating Cleanser        100ml
  • Milk Essence Revitalising Serum       50ml
  • Bare Skin Night Cream                        50ml
  • Bare Skin Day Cream                           50ml




Buffalo milk has a long history of use in cosmetics.

Scientific studies reveal several important properties:

  • Carnitine has slimming and firming action
  • Valerobetaine has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activity
  • Neuro protective and anti-edematous vessel properties combined with lipolytic properties make it deal for anti cellulite products and for exfoliating the skin.



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