Beboxa Food

“When entering the world of food export & business development it is critical that you know who you can trust.

Beboxa Food was created as an offspring of Beboxa due to the lack of professional, experienced operators in this space for new innovative food producers wanting to expand their brands overseas.

If someone is acting as an extension of your sales team you want to know that they really know their stuff!

Not only are Beboxa the best-connected business development operator in the market, we are also easily the most experienced; with a team that has worked for some of the world’s leading food & beverage companies at all levels.

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With this level of experience comes a huge amount of contacts & also an in-depth understanding of the right way of undertaking business.
Our partners are ‘our clients’ and for us the single most important thing is that our client has a positive experience & sustainable sales growth.

Whether it is in the GCC, Asia, Australasia or the UK & Ireland, frozen, chilled or ambient, we are the experts in export for food, beverages & non-food…Welcome to the world of Beboxa!